Philippe Caron Lefebvre: Cycles

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This publication was launched on June 2, 2018 on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition Cycles, presented at Plein sud from May 19 to June 23, 2018 by Philippe Caron Lefebvre, recipient of the Bourse Plein sud 2107.

In this richly illustrated large-format brochure, Isadora Chicoine-Marinier presents the sources of Philippe Caron Lefebvre's work, as well as some of the artist's objectives. She then comments on the different themes that are implemented in the exhibition at Plein sud. Her text, which positions Caron Lefebvre's work against certain currents of artistic language, is divided into four sections with those evocative titles: "The Fruit and the Spines", "Metamorphosis and Repetition", "Materials and Waste "," The Living and the Non-Living ".

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