Karine Giboulo: Village Démocratie

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Although the Village Démocratie work has already been presented in galleries at different stages of development, it could be observed at Plein sud for the first time in Quebec. The work exerts a great power of evocation and stimulates our imagination. The small worlds we discover are both intimate and spectacular. They are displayed with good nature and a false naivety, making us aware with a sense of cruel realities related to the globalization of the economy, the overpopulation, the gap between the rich countries and the poor countries.

Even though the place that gives its title to the exhibition is clearly identified - Village Democracy is located in the suburbs of Port-au-Prince - the work does not present a photographic portrait of reality. Rather, it presents a set of characteristics found by the artist during a trip to Haiti. What we are given to see is universal and is found indifferently everywhere where two very different realities are mixed: poverty and wealth.

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