After Stein/Einstein, de la série On Photography, 2020
Impression au jet d’encre sur papier archive
Édition 1/10
35,5 x 28 cm

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With On Photography, I focused my attention on the figure and the words of the critic. Borrowing its title from Susan Sontag’s seminal collection of essays from 1977, this series is a collection of quintessential quotes by iconic critics accompanied by altered historical portraits originally made by established photographers. By occupying the portraits, I have “become” a number of critics and, in so doing, twisted the meaning of their quotations to both illuminate and give substance to my own work. On Photography exploits the decontextualized words of the various critics to construct my own manifesto - one that both justifies my approach and suggests that, if an extract of a critic’s writing can be so easily co-opted, we must reconsider the authority of the quote in the absence of context. My persistent presence in each of the pieces helps to untether the distinctiveness of each “original” portrait, thus inviting the viewer to reflect upon the power of the critic and his/her words and, consequently, on the nature and authority of photography itself.

  Nicolas Ranellucci     Mona Sharma